Blueprint Machines is clearly proud of its team, and over the past few weeks has invested time in introducing them to the industry.

Last week, the focus was on ‘The Guys Behind The Games’ and the company’s plans to remain committed to its loyal customer base. This week we look at the the Technical Development and Support Team who ensure Blueprint remains at the forefront and continues to build on their success through ongoing development.
This team headed by Steve Brownlow, who has more than 35 years experience in the industry, with Blueprint also claiming two highly experienced technicians who help support its customers; Graham Halliday and Simon Bailey, who joined the team on 2 January, this year to bolster the unit.
This small but experienced team not only supports all Blueprint Digital products already out in the market with customers, but innovates develops and tests new ideas alongside other colleagues in the Gauselmann Group in preparation for introduction into the UK market.
“It is important to keep abreast of new technologies and take every advantage that it can bring to our machines both in delivery and content of games and service that we have become renowned for,” said Brownlow. “Connectivity is fast becoming one of the most important benefits to gaming machines. Not only does it allow for exact delivery of content to facilitate in the promotional launch of games to maximise income, but it also allows operators to manage their portfolios and perform technical updates without the need of a physical site visit, which significantly reduces operational overhead.”

The team:

Steve Brownlow, Head of Technical Developments

“I have been working for Blueprint just over 6 years and have seen Blueprint grow from a couple of hundred Playmaker and Slant top cabinets to the several thousand machines we now have in the
analogue and digital markets. “The journey has been an exciting one to watch and I have enjoyed experiencing how Blueprint has grown as a team to cope with all the challenges that such an expansion gives. I have been in the industry for 35 years starting at Associated Leisure as a workshop engineer and working through companies such as MAM Inn Play, Crown Leisure, Music Hire, Dransfield’s, Gamestec and Talarius.
“My experience has seen me meeting customers out in the field as an engineer and as technical manager always on the operator side of the business. So, when I joined Blueprint and moved to the manufacturing side of the gaming industry six years ago just after Gauselmann had took the company under its wing, it was a big culture shock but a pleasant and enjoyable one. Blueprint is the sort of company you feel proud to be associated with; both as part of the team and helping to lead it forward.”

Graham Halliday: Technician

“I have been with Blueprint for nearly two and a half years although I have worked in the industry since 1993 working at various companies in various roles. I started at Bell Amusements and was with Talarius before Blue- print. My job involves helping customers on a regular basis, if the guys in the office can’t solve the issue over the phone then it may need someone to visit and that’s where I come in. I really enjoy my job, there are so many great people in the team – it’s like a big family! It makes it easy to come into work every day.”

Simon Bailey: Technician

“I have only just joined the Blueprint technical team but I have been in the industry itself for nearly 19 years – starting with RLMS and then moving over to Gamestec. I am currently in training but am looking forward to getting out and about helping customers like Graham. I have always been struck by how professional Blueprint is as a company and I can already see that it has an excellent approach to getting the job done, while caring about their employees and treating them like real people too.”

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