Embedding the safer gambling philosophy throughout the organisation is at the heart of Gauselmann UK’s 360 initiative with the team at Blueprint Operations recently completing the G4 staff training programme.

Gauselmann UK, has confirmed that the team at its Blueprint Operations brand has successfully completed the comprehensive social responsibility staff training programme developed and undertaken by the internationally recognised G4 consultancy. The bespoke programme, which covered a wide range of topics from game design to player intervention, is part of Gauselmann UK’s 360 programme which is recognised as the most comprehensive on-going safer gambling commitment in the UK low stake/low prize sector.

Undertaken by the Blueprint team in December, the interactive Zoom sessions enabled what are non-consumer facing team members to understand the central importance of applying the safer gambling philosophy and culture to every part of the business including game creation, design and supply.

David Purvis, Managing Director of Blueprint Operations explained: “Conventional thinking would suggest that safer gambling training should only really be the preserve of those members of the broader Gauselmann team that have direct contact with players: however we believe that if you view safer gambling as a philosophy that should be embedded in the company culture it’s vital that everyone involved in the creation and supply of gaming machines is also part of the safer gambling conversation. For safer gambling to really gain traction it’s essential that every member within the organisation is able to absorb and understand the philosophy and culture that lies behind the message.”

He added: “It was an extremely positive initiative and one that was embraced by the team. I’m grateful to the experts at G4 for their insight and ability to communicate the safer gambling philosophy in such a compelling way and to Blueprint’s Nadia Volosina for helping to co-ordinate and organise the training during what are challenging times.”

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