Blueprint Operations has completed its first national customer roadshow taking in ten towns/cities, covering a total of 800 miles and engaging with upwards of 150 customers. The roadshow provided an opportunity for customers to learn more about the benefits of Blueprint’s streamlined buy direct structure and its role in maximising gaming revenues as a result of enhanced customer support and access to the new Blueprint Customer Portal.

Nicola Wallbank, Blueprint’s Head of Corporate Accounts, believes the Roadshow provided an invaluable opportunity for the brand to engage with its growing customer-base. She stated: “I think the industry is at its best when it’s able to get together in a non-pressured environment and talk product – which is exactly what we have been doing over the last fortnight beginning in Glasgow and culminating in the final leg of the roadshow which took place in Norwich. What the roadshow demonstrated was the appetite that exists for buying direct, the popularity of the Blueprint product offering and the importance of having a meaningful dialogue and being able to communicate our technical insight and product knowledge. Everyone was highly impressed by the Blueprint Customer Portal and the access it provides to game briefs, technical manuals and training guides. As digital gaming machines embrace new technology with features such as age verification and electronic wallets, plus the potential changes that could be ushered in by the government’s review of gambling legislation we believe it is increasingly important to have a closer and more consultative relationship with our customers. The buy direct structure that we have put together enables us to do exactly that.”

She added: “The Roadshow really was a two-way street. Personally, I learnt a lot from speaking with customers in each of our roadshow locations as did the entire account management team. Our overarching objective is to achieve excellence in everything that we do and acting on the insight that we gained from the Roadshow is part of that process. This is about responding to the immediate needs of our customers at the same time as planning for the future.”

Clacton-based operator Billy Peak, said: “One of the main frustrations is the lack of opportunities the industry has to meet face-to-face and really explore the issues impacting the business. Ours is an industry that loves to talk and I think one of the real benefits of the roadshow was the chance it provided to meet in a relaxed environment and talk product. There were no time pressures, it was really relaxed and I think everyone benefitted from the quality of conversations.”
Customers attending the Blueprint Roadshow were given industry-first access to the Blueprint games pipeline as well as the new Trio cabinet ahead of their official launch at EAG in March

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