Blueprint succeed in securing machine supply for customers

Meticulous planning has enabled Blueprint to secure the supply of gaming machines for the industry despite pressures the likes of which have never been experienced before
Sascha Blodau General Manager MERKUR UK, has confirmed the degree of logistical planning that has been necessary to secure the supply of Blueprint gaming machines for customers in face of what he described as ‘unprecedented’ pressures.

Speaking to Coinslot ahead of Blueprint’s appearance at ACOS, he confirmed: “The return of live exhibitions after a 20-month absence due to Covid, will I think crystalise the size of the problem facing the manufacturing community. I have been involved in the supply chain for many years and I have never seen the difficulty in procuring components that we are experiencing today. In some cases part prices have exploded and in others the parts are painfully scarce. Our core objective is to have machines available for our customers to purchase whenever they need them. We have been planning since the Spring in order to be in a position where we can write orders and most importantly confirm delivery times at the show. This has involved detailed planning and collaboration with our colleagues at the Gauselmann manufacturing centre in Lubbecke who have worked all hours to ensure that we have stock of all the components to supply the three new cabinets that we are launching at ACOS.

“We are an agile supplier and our customers look to Blueprint as a partner that they can trust and rely on to be able to deliver product whether that’s for businesses wanting to invest in their existing venues or indeed new businesses opening on the high street.

“Colleagues at Lubbecke in partnership with David Purvis and the team at Blueprint have done an amazing job in firstly anticipating demand and secondly being able to source the 150+ components required to secure the supply of machines not just for ACOS but also for January’s EAG and the ICE London show in February. The fact that Blueprint machines carry the Made In Germany badge is clearly a huge advantage for us as we are not subject to the long transit times incurred when production is in the far east. We are committed to providing our customers with fast, efficient delivery so they can start generating machine income at the earliest opportunity.”

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