Dear Customer,

It has been three weeks since I last communicated with you about the dramatic impact of COVID-19 on our business. Sadly, since that time, we have all borne witness to how this insidious virus is impacting our families, our communities and our very way of life. What we are facing is daunting, but I am heartened by the moments of triumph in everyday acts of courage, humanity and kindness. Although these are trying times for us all, I remain optimistic that the UK will thrive once again.

I want to let you know how we have focused on supporting local communities where Blueprint personnel live and work. I also want to provide you with an update on what projects Blueprint are currently working on.

The Blueprint group of companies, its teams and our Trade Associations are all playing their individual part in supporting local communities and the NHS. Indeed, we have been involved in some wonderful, generous gestures across many local communities where our personnel have volunteered time and provided support to those needing it most. I am sure that you, your families and your business are doing the same. It is this kind of spirit that will sustain us through this crisis.

Blueprint understands that the pulse of the UK, and in fact world, beats as one to overcome COVID-19 and its devastating impact on us all. As we all watch the news unfold about this unprecedented event, it is clear that there is a need to assist and bolster a far more reaching community spirit to help and support those most vulnerable.

From a business continuity perspective, Blueprint remain committed to ensuring our Customers have access to and receive as much advice, support and flexibility during these challenging times, and we have set up a dedicated communication facility for you to contact us. I want to provide you the details of our dedicated Customer Communication Support facility – you can contact us by either emailing us on or through our freephone telephone number 0800 2545400. Please also continue to visit our website for the most up-to-date information.

I also want to take a moment to share with you what Blueprint are currently working on. We have commenced several key projects that will (i) further strengthen our gaming product propositions and (ii) help optimise our Customer’s businesses when the current lockdown measures are relaxed and/or removed. Our key projects include:
o Developing new Games (and Game Packs) for AGCs, Bingo, Pub and FECs
o Creating solutions to improve our delivery efficiencies of new releases
o Intelligent Menu enhancements
o Upgrading and enhancing our Operating Systems
o Constructing Social Responsibility messaging e.g., time/limit setting
o Creating enhancements to our Customer Communication and Marketing Support solutions
We are confident that, as the UK Gaming business starts to return to normal, Blueprint will be optimally positioned to deliver you, our Customer, with the very best solutions.

Thank you for continuing your loyalty to Blueprint, or for simply staying in touch with us – we genuinely consider you a part of the extended Blueprint family. We will prosper again soon, and we can not wait to support you in whatever future challenges we experience together.

Until that day comes, stay well.

Yours sincerely,

David Purvis
Managing Director

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