‘An invaluable opportunity to outline the Blueprint road map and product credentials to the broader industry’ is how David Purvis chose to describe the brand’s reflections on the recent Autumn Coin-Op Show.

Speaking after Blueprint had completed its post show debrief, which included insight from colleagues at Gauselmann Group sister companies, Praesepe, Regal, Betcom and GeWeTe, Purvis said: “Exhibitions are an opportunity to see the industry from a customer perspective as well as receiving contributions from our sister brands within Gauselmann. Analysing all of the feedback, the theme which recurred time and time again, emanating from every sector of the industry, was the importance that’s being placed on quality and securing products that can authentically be described as representing ‘the best of the best’. The market isn’t interested in second best because their customers, the end-users demand the very best. The bar has most definitely been raised and I’m delighted that both the Wave and the Alphamax cabinets were so well received.”

He continued: “The days of offering consumers a game on an old analogue machine and serving cheap coffee in a plastic cup that’s too hot to hold are long gone. Modern retailing means delivering an excellent consumer experience. Gaming Machines that look outstanding are part of the quality offer that consumers expect and cabinet design is crucial in today’s highly competitive market. We’ve got the added advantage of knowing from our UK Gauselmann Group colleagues what customers in each gaming sector really want and Blueprint will continue to push the envelope in the process identifying the incremental improvements that can transform a good game into a great game.”

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