There is a science behind consistent cashbox success and Blueprint Machines finds the support of its Server Based Gaming system from parent company, The Gauselmann Group makes a crucial contribution.

 “We rolled out our Server Based Gaming (SBG) system into the Praesepe estate in the middle of last year,” says James Lowe, Content Manager, Blueprint Operations. “It allows us to record and report on cashbox collections from across the whole estate. We can look into Game Pack performance, from overall figures down to single game performance in real time. In addition, it allows us to time release new games onto cabinets without the need for an engineer visit, improving efficiency and reducing operational overhead expenditure through fewer site visits.”

The SBG system also helps Blueprint Machines to manage the marketing around new game releases more efficiently. “Because the game is launched at exactly the same time across all cabinets, we can work together with Praesepe to maximise the marketing and promotional launch,” adds James. “This increases the overall impact of new game launches.”

With the benefit of real-time data analysis across multiple sites, Blueprint Machines and Praesepe can work together to tailor game packs for each market, including changing game stakes, game Return To Players and attracts. Test games and game packs are also released in a more scientific way, with accurate and timely performance reports to ensure that all game packs are designed to maximise cashbox. And from a technical point of view, Blueprint Machines can ensure all cabinets are running the most up to date service packs and technical standards, while any suspicious activity can be quickly investigated.

“Based on the growth of the SBG system, we are now much more scientific in a creation and launch of new games. Data Analysis now plays a key role in decision making, allowing better and more informed business decisions; and the Blueprint Machines Content Team has grown significantly over the past 6 months in order to maximise the benefits that SBG brings,” says James.

“We can now model game launches, working closely with partners to maximise the game potential. The next step will be to make this available to additional customers, and Blueprint are looking to test this with selected third parties in the very near future,” he concludes.


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