With Betcom’s latest Cat C title, The Chase, already generating “exceptional” performance figures just weeks after its release, the company’s MD, Simon McCarthy, reaffirms its commitment to the analogue market.
Simon McCarthy, MD of Betcom Games, emphasises that the ongoing demand for analogue products continues to drive innovation,as illustrated by the company’s latest reel-based Cat C title for the pub sector, The Chase.
“There is still significant demand for analogue product in the UK market and that is why we continue to create quality performing product,” McCarthy stated.
“The Chase is a prime example of a classic reel-based game which players love, as has been proven by the excellent performance on site test.The market for analogue might be diminished from what it once was, however, Betcom is still increasing its market share,so it remains a priority for us.”
McCarthy reports that in the initial weeks since its release,The Chase has already set new company records for Betcom.
“We are very excited aboutThe Chase which,in its first two weeks, has outperformed any model released by Betcom over the last few years and we have set a high standard with some of our previous models,”he continued.
“We are seeing some very exceptional performance figures across the whole of the test estate and we see no reason why this won’t be maintained throughout its test period.
“This is our targeted model for pre-Easter injection and follows volume sales of Casino Crazy at the end of last year and Slots O Gold since the beginning of 2019.”
Alongside this, Betcom has also broken new ground with its rebuilds – King Kong Cash (10p/£5) single player and Wish UponA Jack- pot (10p/£5) single player.
“These are fairly unique in the current marketplace and it is an area that hasn’t really had much focus in the market until now.They feature a dual hopper and we have put dedicated resource behind the ‘Fun To Play’ element of this product with fantastic results,” McCarthy added.
Looking at the broader Cat C sector,McCarthy acknowledges that market headwinds increasingly require close co-operation between manufacturers, retailers, and operators in order to continue to support ongoing development.
“The single site Cat C £100 product is,as we all know, a challenging market place,for manufacturers, retailers and operators alike,”he explained.“All three need to work together in order to support the product coming through.
“The site owner/retailer needs to support the operator who can then purchase a realistic volume of machines in order to make it viable for the manufacturer to develop them.
“The player demand remains,it’s up to the supply chain to ensure that the quality of the product stays high as well. Betcom has developments planned well into the latter part of 2019, delivering more iconic game titles and innovative games design for Single Site.”
However while digital products are gaining traction, McCarthy reaffirmed Betcom’s commitment to the analogue market.
“Betcom finished 2018 with an increased year on year market share. We know that digital is gaining carpet space but we remain totally focused and committed to supplying analogue to our customers who demand it.“Our strategy for 2019 is to continue to offer a full range of solutions for single site by producing and selling rebuilds,door kits and glass kits,so a total market solution to all operators,” he clarified.
“We continue to deliver on excellent cashbox returns on AGC/FEC/ Bingo product in the format of the Luck O The Irish three player in the Olympic cabinet,along with the recently premiered King Kong Cash three player – both iconic brands in a well-produced cabinet and excellent cash box returns.These models are also fully TiTo compatible.”
As part of its latest analogue offering, Betcom also premiered its new community gaming title,Genie Jackpots, at EAG 2019.
“The principle here is that up to four individual games can be connected together so that all players can experience a community approach,our plan is that by the end of 2019 we will have released four game tiles to compliment this new product range out of Betcom,” McCarthy concluded.

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