Take A Spin With Blueprint’s Updated B4 Menu

Blueprint has been busy updating its classic B4 King of Games Club Menu, which saw its latest release last month.

The all-new menu still holds the compendium of Pub Fruits and Premium Content, but now also boasts Blueprint’s High Roller Roulette, which replaces the previous Cashpot Roulette.

High Roller Roulette was launched earlier this year on the Roulette King Menu and is set on a fixed £2 stake, £400 Jackpot.

The game is based on Traditional European Roulette, with 37 numbers from 0-36 on a wheel and a betting table and players can bet between 200 and 5000 points per game.  The player gains a spin of the roulette wheel, depending on whether they trigger the entry gamble at the start of each game.

If the entry gamble is triggered; the roulette wheel then goes into spin and – depending on the outcome – rewards the player with a cash prize based on the points wagered.

Other games on the all-new B4 menu include Luck of the Irish (Blueprint’s most successful all-round game) and a mix of top performing games that include Super Diamond Jackpots and Multi Wilds.

“We’ve just updated our B4 menu to include High Roller Roulette at a £2 stake, the game has proved extremely successful on our Roulette King menu launched at the beginning of the year.  This addition will definitely see the product going to the next level,” says Blueprint Operation’s Head of Content James Lowe. 

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