Genie Jackpot Megaways

The Genie returns and this time better than ever!

Enter the cave of wonders for all your wishes to come true, in the next instalment from our favourite Genie.

Play on mega reels, where between 2 to 5 symbols can land on each reel. Watch for Genie popping out of his lamp on any spin to grant you a wish. With 3 fantastic modifiers, this is everything you wished for!

Featuring the Megaways™ mechanic, with up to 15,625 Ways to wins

Volatility – Medium/ High

Lines – Up to 15,625

Min/ Max Bet – £0.25 – £2

Game Features

Base Game

6 reels, up to 15,625 ways to win with changing symbols sizes on every spin.


Genie Jackpots now uses the MegaWays mechanic that incorporates the changing reel heights and amount of ways to win. Each reel can show 2 to 5 symbols on each spin and every reel can show a different number of symbols. The amount of Ways to win will be determine by the number of symbols on show, i.e. reel 1-2 symbols, reel 2-5 symbols, reel 3-2 symbols, reel 4-3 symbols, reel 5-3 symbols, reel 6-5 symbols (2x5x2x3x3x5=900 ways). If all 6 reels showed the max amount of 5 symbols then 15,625 ways to win will be available.


Genie Wilds – Genie will fly out on to the reels creating wild reels. Genie hitting the same reel will make the wild multiplying for more ways to win.
6 Of A Kind – Guaranteed at least 1 ‘6 of a kind’ win will be awarded, with the chance of more appearing.
MegaWays™ – All the reels upgrade to become 5 high, guaranteeing the outcome of 15,625 ways to win. If a win is visible, then genie can appear from his lamp and increase the award card value by up to x5.

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