Wave+ Cabinet

Our Wave+ cabinet, featuring a single curved 49" screen in full UHD and a 15.6" supporting video deck.

Blueprint Operations B3 Cabinet exclusive to AGC's. With brand new game content and HD games built specifically for the 49" curved screen monitor including an immersive 15.6" supporting video deck.
Wave+ Cabinet
Wave + Key Features
Wave+ is a premium B3 machine with elegant design and outstanding feature of 49” Ultra-High-Definition curved screen, which ensure the best viewing angle for customers, maximizing their enjoyment. Wave+ also features a 15.6" video deck button panel for more immersive gaming experience. This innovative cabinet includes the latest Quixant QXi 7000 PC, providing enhanced gameplay and operation. Large new play deck buttons that are resistant to antibacterial degradation, promoting a hygienic gaming environment.
  • TITO functionality included as standard.
  • 49" UHD curved screen.
  • Latest innovation from Quixant with the QXi 7000 PC.
  • Large 15.6" video deck for more immersive gaming experience.
  • Merkur MD100 GOLD note recycler with 201s spectral head for improved acceptance and security.
  • Large new play deck buttons resistant to antibacterial degradation.
  • Sit down version available.
Wave+ Dimensions
  • Depth 81.8cm
  • Width 74.8cm
  • Height 187.6cm
  • Weight 198kg
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