Vega – JCM

Manufacturer Recommended Cleaning Interval: At Least Once A Month
Opening Unit

1.       Simultaneously press in on the two (2) Upper Transport Unit Open/Close Latches located on each side of the Unit, and lift the Upper Transport Unit open [a in image below]

2.       Remove the Course Reversing Guide Cover by pressing in on the two (2) Guide Cover Release Buttons [b in image below] located on each side of the Cover.

Cleaning Procedure

To clean the VEGA Validation Section, use a soft dry or slightly damp with water lint-free Microfiber Cloth.

Do not use any alcohol, solvents, citrus based products or scouring agents that may cause damage to the Validation Section Sensors and/or Rollers.

Sensor and Roller Cleaning procedure

To clean the VEGA Unit’s Sensors and Rollers, proceed as follows:

1.       Turn the power OFF on both VEGA Unit and Host Machine.

2.       Open the Upper Transport Unit.

3.       Clean the appropriate path and Lens of each Sensor.

Vega – JCM
Sensor And Roller Locations

The image below illustrates the various VEGA Unit’s sensor cleaning locations and the table below lists the VEGA sensor cleaning methods.

Vega – JCM


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