U+ II – Azkoyen

Manufacturer Recommended Cleaning Interval: Every 500,000 Coins
Cleaning Procedure

It is recommended to clean the coin exit area where the optic sensors are more frequently. This can be done with a cotton wool bud dipped in alcohol and compressed air [image a].

Where two hoppers are fitted in tandem, coins from the rear hopper run through a pass-through chute in the front hopper, ensure this is clean and free from debris to ensure smooth pay-out from the rear hopper [image b].

Important Note

When removing the Azkoyen U+ II Hoppers please take extra care with the ribbon cables these are very delicate and even slight folding of the cables can result in failure of the cable. Always ensure power is off before unplugging Azkoyen hoppers.

Also take care when unclipping hoppers from the red mounting slippers, applying only the minimum of required pressure to retaining clip to release the hopper.

Vega – JCM


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