SCH5 (Compact Hopper) – Crane (CPI)

Manufacturer Recommended Cleaning Interval: Every 50,000-100,000 coins
Opening Unit
    1. Turn power off to machine.
    2. Unclip the bowl from the base at the back. Ease outer posts in the directions as shown in [a in right hand image] to release the bowl.
    3. Now remove the bowl by easing it towards the front of the hopper [b in right hand image] .
V² Eagle
Cleaning Procedure

All accessible parts of the coin route should be cleaned between 50,000 & 100,000 coins (dependant on coin type) using a mild detergent on a damp cloth. No spray solvents should be used.

Particular attention should be paid to the sensors at the coin exit, as excessive dirt build up on the optical surfaces may cause unreliable coin counting.

Areas to Target

The areas of the disc bed, which require cleaning with a brush and soft cloth with mild detergent, are the disc bed [image c right hand image] the disc, ejector fingers, adjuster plate and light guide or light pipe.

To clean the sensors inside the light guide, use an air duster and a swab with some mild detergent to remove any grease or dirt that might obstruct the light beam.

Cleaning with a brush: It is possible to remove a majority of the dust and dirt which has built up on the Compact Hopper using a brush [image d right hand image]

Cleaning with a soft cloth: Further cleaning can be achieved by using a soft cloth with mild detergent
[image e right hand image]

Cleaning the Light Guide: Cleaning of the Light Guide can be done either using a lint free cloth with mild detergent [image f right hand image] or using a lint free polyester swab.

Once complete, re-assemble the hopper and test to ensure that the hopper functions correctly.


The Compact Hoppers depicted in these images show a Clear Light Guide, this is for illustration purposes and these instructions can be followed for all Light Guide types.

V² Eagle


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