Genie returns in this 3 reel, 5 win slot game! Look out for 1 of 6 super features when Genie appears out of his lamp! This supercharged slot will grant wishes beyond your wildest dreams.

Lines – 5
Min/ Max Bet – £0.25 – £1.00

Game Features

25p, 50p & £1 stake.

Genie Win Spin
Genie appears out of his lamp and clicks his fingers while the reels are spinning, turning up to 3 symbol positions into the same matching symbol.

Genie Streak
Genie appears out of his lamp and locks a win in place. The reels respin and any symbols that improve the win are locked and the reels respin again. This continues until the win is no longer improved.

Genie Wilds
Genie repeatedly flies out of the lamp while the reels are spinning, turning random symbol positions into Genie wilds.

Mystery Wishes
Genie hits the reels during the spin, adding Mystery symbols to the reels. At the end of the spin, the Mystery symbols transform into the same matching symbol.

Sultan’s Jewels
12 matching chests of gold, silver or bronze appear over the reels. These chests all open at once with a chance to reveal a cash prize.

Magic Lamps
One or more magic bronze lamps appear over the reel symbols. 3 Free Spins are awarded and the reels spin with the chance of more lamps being added. If a lamp is added the Free Spins value is reset to 3. If the reels show bronze lamps over all the reel symbols the lamps reveal cash values.

The reels spin and silver lamps may be awarded. A gold lamp level is also available. The feature ends when the Free Spins show zero or the screen is full of golden lamps.

Bonus Lamps
Play max stake for a chance to win bonus lamps. Bonus Lamps occurs when a Genie collect symbol lands in view with a lamp symbol. When all the reels have stopped spinning Genie will collect a cash value from each lamp.

Power Play
During Power Play any win of £5 or more awards the Pick a Lamp feature. Pick the correct lamp to win the Magic Lamps feature

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