Play Blueprint Machines King Kong Cash Free Spins Community

25p, 50p and £1 stake, £100 Jackpot.

Its Monkey mahem in Blueprint Machines latest Free Spins Community Slot game. We have taken one of our favourite land based slots and added a community twist, when King Kong awakes he now gives players free spins for the community feature.

The game still keeps all the bonus features players know and love, plus our free spins community games also sync up with all the favourite Community Cash Vault Games offering customers even more choice!

Base Game

3 reels, 5 pay lines featuring a Top Reel Spin which can trigger the Community Cash Pot!


Waking Kong awards 1 of 5 features including Banana Cannon Wilds, King Kong Streak, Golden Barrel.

Community Free Spins Feature

Waking Kong can also aware community free spins which allows all active players the community free spins feature.

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