Alpha Curve Cabinet

Elevate your gaming establishment with the Alpha Curve, a leading-edge machine that combines innovation and functionality.

Wave+ Cabinet
Alpha Curve Key Features
With its impressive 43" ultra-high-definition curved screen, customers can enjoy an immersive gaming experience like never before. The compatibility of TITO functionality offers seamless transactions, while its compatibility with age-verification technology promotes responsible gaming. Additionally, the Alpha Curve features the latest innovation from Quixant, the QXi 7000 PC, which enhances gameplay and operation. With the Merkur MD100 GOLD note recycler and 201s spectral head, this machine guarantees improved acceptance and security.
  • Compatible with TITO technology.
  • Impressive 43” UHD curved screen.
  • Latest innovation from Quixant with the QXi 7000 PC for enhanced gameplay and operation. 

  • Compatible with age-verification technology.
  • Merkur MD100 GOLD note recycler with 201s spectral head for improved acceptance and security. 

Alpha Curve Dimensions
  • Depth 66cm
  • Width 63cm
  • Height 205cm
  • Weight 146kg
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