Digital Three Player Bullion Bars™ with play appeal of the original and all the benefits delivered by digital.

All of the practical advantages delivered by digital coupled with identical branding, colourways and game-play, of the iconic analogue original.
Aurora Cabinet
Three Player Digital Bullion Bars™ Key Features
Our three player digital version of the iconic Bullion Bars™ has all of the credentials and appeal of the original analogue game, with the many benefits delivered by digital.

• Three-player digital version of the iconic Bullion Bars™.
• Game play identical to the original analogue version of the game.
• Housed across Three Alpha Trio cabinets each featuring 3 x 27" screens for maximised visual area to optimise player experience of this classic game.
• TiTo Ready.
• Fully supported with original artwork, including infills and toppers.
• Merkur MD100 GOLD note recycler with 201s spectral head for improved acceptance and security.
• Enhanced cabinet security.

Alpha Trio Bullion Bars Dimensions
  • Depth 66cm
  • Width 237cm
  • Height 230cm
  • Weight 150kg per cabinet

Bullion Bars™ Licensed by Inspired

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