Wave Cabinet

Our brand new Wave cabinet, featuring a single curved 43" screen in full HD.

Blueprint Operations new B3 Cabinet exclusive to AGC's. With brand new game content and HD games built specifically for the 43" curved screen monitor.
Aurora Cabinet
Key Features

This exceptional machine is built with TITO in mind, however has the facility to fit an SCH5 Hopper along with the latest Eagle V2 coin mech all using an extremely secure DES encrypted protocol to ensure fraudulent electronic attacks are impossible.

The screen is a High Definition 43” portrait monitors. The monitor curves to give customers the best viewing angle possible.

The cabinet surround has an impressive Morphing LED display which can also be themed to enhance features or games on this cabinet.

The cabinet play height can be adjusted to be sit down or raised to be stand up.

PC – Quad Core 16GB
Coin – Eagle V2 (first source)
Hopper – SCH5 Hopper
Bill acceptor – NV201s Spectral
Dispenser – MD100 Gold
Ticket Printer – JCM Future Logic GEN5

  • Depth 78cm
  • Width 66cm
  • Height 196cm (with plinth 211cm)
  • Weight 196 Kilos
Northern Rd, Fortune House, Northgate Terrace, Newark NG24 2EU
0800 2545401
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