V² Eagle – Crane (CPI)

Manufacturer Recommended Cleaning Interval: At Least Once Per Year
Cleaning Procedure
  1. Turn power off to machine.
  2. Pull the coin insert funnel [a in right hand image] at the front and open the flight deck beyond the first stop.
  3. Remove loose dust and coin residues from the two sides of the coin runway using a brush.
  4. Wipe the two sides of the coin runway clean using a slightly moistened cloth.
  5. Allow Parts to dry.
  6. Make sure that in particular the measurement surface with the inductive coil and the three optical sensors
    [c in right hand image] as well as the runway [d in right hand image] on the flight deck are clean. In case these areas are not clean, repeat steps 4 and 5 and check again for cleanliness.
  7. Any possible film of dirt in the highlighted areas [c and d right hand image] must be removed residue-free. Doing this prevents fluid from entering the device
  8. Close flight deck and press closing device [b top right image] so that the flight deck audibly clicks into place.
V² Eagle
V² Eagle


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