Gauselmann continues to set new records on many levels, now it’s raised the bar on long-service.

The Gauselmann Group, one of the best-known names in international low-stake gambling entertainment, will be marking an outstanding and in industry terms a quite unique milestone with no fewer than 433 staff members celebrating a decade or more’s service with the company.

The 433 stalwarts have registered a total of 7,325 years of service between them, with 147 recording 25-years and more. 60 team members have registered 30-years, a further 35 have worked for the Group for 40-years with two celebrating a remarkable 45-years’ service.

Reflecting on the last 12-months, Paul Gauselmann, Founder and Chairman of the Management Board said in a statement: “We will overcome this difficult phase and then build on the successful times before the pandemic.”

Adding: “We will come through this bottom of the valley together and keep the company on the road to success together, because it was only thanks to the enthusiasm and drive of my employees that we were able to be so economically successful before the lockdown that we can now benefit from this cushion in difficult times.”

Sascha Blodau, who heads-up the company’s significant presence in the UK, believes the same characteristics of professionalism and loyalty have and will continue to help the domestic business. He stated: “Gauselmann UK, through its brands comprising Praesepe, Blueprint Operations, Regal Gaming and Leisure and GeWeTe also have many team members who have dedicated much of their professional lives to the organisation. Their commitment, skill and professionalism throughout the last year has been both inspiring and humbling and it is because of that outlook and determination that we will come through this period of unprecedented challenges.”

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